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Diet Weight Loss Supplement 500mg


Traditionally used for general health maintenance

30 Capsules


Adult: Take 1 capsule a day before breakfast

Keep below 30°C. Protect from light and moisture



Sg Capsule help for:

  1. Weight loss supplement that helps block about 25 percent of the fat you eat from being absorbed
  2. Helps to disposal
  3. Reduces Fat buildup in the body
  4. Reduces appetite
  5. Helps in the process of Losing Weight
  6. Help with Constipation Problems
  7. Prevents cervical cancers


Each 500mg Capsule Contains:


Rhizome Zingiber Aromaticum Extract 130mg
Fructus Garcinia Cambogia Extract 120mg
Mycelium Cordyceps Sinensis Extract 120mg
Rhizome Zingiber Officinale Extract 80mg
Leaves Cassia Angustifolia Extract 50mg

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