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Founded by Malaysian Young Entrepreneur, Mohd Zahid, Sejagat Global was officially launched on 5th February 2016.

Sejagat Global Sdn Bhd

Sejagat Global is a Bumiputera owned company which focuses on retail purchasing using online and conventional methods (offline). Apart from offering the concept which encompasses wholesaler, distributor and retailer (3P) (Pemborong, Pengedar & Peruncit) this concept has helped to offer different range of price for the three different categories of purchasers for example wholesaler and distributors, while customers will get a great discount deal.

With over 100 products produced starting from OEM and now, Sejagat Global has produced its products which have been branded under the company’s name, it now has over 20 agents nationwide which acted as the distributors of the Sejagat Global products. The Sejagat Global products have also managed to penetrate a few ASEAN countries including Brunei, Indonesia and Singapore. Due to the overwhelming demand from these countries, Sejagat Global (B) Sdn Bhd was established and based in Brunei Darussalam and has been operating for more than a year.

Since the Sejagat Global has evolved, this brand has been registered as a franchisor which enables every registered franchisee using the Sejagat Global brand name to jointly market the products by Sejagat Global.


Company Background

Sejagat Global Sdn Bhd is a company owned by Bumiputera Malays which is very competitive and committed to the health and beauty industry, spearheaded by women in particular. With almost 10 years of experience in this industry, he can be proud of the Global brand that has been branded and has established several other companies as a result of efforts that have never known the meaning of despair.

Among the history of the establishment of the company that has been developed is Legacy Secret Sdn Bhd, Nmy Manufacturing Sdn Bhd, a GMP factory for the manufacture of health supplement products as well as beauty and cosmetics. Apart from that, the establishment of Woow Pharmacy Sdn Bhd which has been operating in four branches located in Petaling Jaya, and in Johor Baru, namely in Adda Height, Kota Tinggi and Setia Tropika.

Sejagat Global founded by Malaysian Young Entrepreneur, Mr Mohd Zahid Bin Mohd Zaki, Sejagat Global was officially launched on 5th February 2016.

He is the founder of Legacy Secret Sdn Bhd (since 2013) and its subsidiaries his company is Sejagat Global Sdn Bhd. 30 years old and extensive experience in business since school.

As a result of his hard work for 10 years running the business, now he has more than 15 subsidiary branches and two factories based on food and health products. There are more than 100 brands products under Legacy Secret Sdn Bhd and Sejagat Global Sdn Bhd

Sihat Bersama Sejagat

Be Healthy with Sejagat




Becoming a leading company in the field of health and beauty and known internationally.



Provide quality products, market leaders in various fields, companies that are able to give full commitment to customers and can produce pioneer products so that they can be trendsetter in this field

To give full commitment to our clients and consumers.