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Jointcare – Set Percubaan

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Traditionally used for relieving joint pain

60 Capsules


Adult: Take 1 capsule twice daily after food

Keep below 30°C. Protect from light and moisture



Jointcare help for:

  1. Become an anti-swelling agent in the joints of the body (eg: feet, hands, knees)
  2. Tighten the joints in the foot / hand joints so that the blood flow in the blood can flow smoothly, causing the foot / hand to contract.
  3. Reducing n softening of the knee area often shifts to the bone causing prolonged pain in the knee area
  4. Increases the thickness of the synovial fluid that lubricates the joints


Each 450mg Capsule (Bovine Capsule) Contains:


Fructus Ananas Comosus Extract 100mg
Rhizome Curcuma Longa Extract 100mg
Fructus Prunus Serotina Extract 95mg
Fructus Capsium Annuum Extract 100mg


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