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Cholest Control 500gm 60 Capsules

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Good to help treat high cholesterol, weight gain and heart diseases as well as increase metabolism

60 Capsules


Adult: Take 1 capsule taken twice a day after food

Keep below 30°C. Protect from light and moisture

Cholest Control help for:

  1. No more fat accumulation
  2. The first step in overcoming heart disease
  3. Reduces the risk of heart block
  4. Helps to get rid of oil fat
  5. Get rid of fat and oil in the body
  6. Make your body lighter
  7. Controls blood sugar
  8. No more cholesterol problems
  9. Reduces cholesterol levels in the body
  10. Decrease cholesterol levels
  11. Improves glucose metabolism in the body


Each 500mg Capsule (Bovine Capsule) Contains:

Bulb Allium Sativum Extract 200mg
Fructus Phyllanthus Emblica Extract 200mg
Fructus Momordica Charantia Extract 30mg
Seed Nigella Sativa Extract 29mg
Fructus Morinda Citrifolia Extract 20mg
Leaves Medicago Sativa Extract 20mg

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